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Software Finland Association is a community founded in 1993 for industry leaders. We advance the opportunities for success in an increasingly competitive international market for our members. We believe in strength in numbers and there are 600 software and software-oriented companies in the association.

Softwarefrom FInland
Software from finland

Using our voice for the benefit of the industry

Together we make an impact on the software industry related decision making, support industry research and education as well as develop businesses. In the future, every company will be a software company and there will be an increasing need to use, customize, buy and develop software.

We are known as a brave advocate and speaker for the software industry.

We listen to our members closely and bring current matters into the public conversation.

Our community helps over 600 companies to do their business easier, better, and more effectively

Mimmit Koodaa -program

The widely successful Mimmit Koodaa program (translates as women coding) is a great example of the association’s work as an influencer in industry related social issues. The purpose of the program is to increase gender equality in the Finnish software industry by breaking the stereotype that coding is only for men.


Mimmit koodaa provides easily accessible coding workshops free of charge for women who are interested in coding but have no previous experience in it.

The long-term objective of the program is to help give future generations an equal opportunity to study and flourish in the IT field, especially in the software industry.

Learning, sharing & networking

Software Finland Association offers effortless networking between the software industry leaders. Our members have found cooperation partners and peer support by sharing their experiences and practical tips. Open sharing and discussions enable a learning community where everyone doesn’t need to repeat the same mistakes.

Yearly our members receive over 30 trainings and events (online and live) with the membership fee only. These events offer expert views, information and valuable support for the businesses.

Software from Finland


Software Finland Association


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