Finland – the country of a thousand lakes, northern lights and superior software!


Finland is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. High-ranking countries have higher degrees of press freedom, stronger standards of integrity for public officials, and independent judicial systems.

Transparency International
Corruption Perceptions Index 2016


Finland is the top country in the world in protecting fundamental human rights. We protect the freedom of opinion, belief, religion, assembly, labor rights and believe in the right to life and security with equal treatment without discrimination.

The World Justice Project
Rule of Law Index 2016


The Finnish workforce has the #1 highest proportion of ICT specialists in the world. Finland has also Europe’s highest percentage of ICT-related patents. On top of this Finnish companies are #1 in the use of cloud services. ‘Nough said?

Digital Economy Outlook 2015

R&D Frenzy

Relative to the population, Finland has the third most professionals working in research and development. Also Finland came in the top five in the battle of ideas. And it shows.

Bloomberg 2017 Innovation Index


Finland is in the top 5 countries in the world when it comes to innovations overall. Finland take the 1st place in the category of Human capital & research and 2nd place when it comes to innovations by Institutions.

Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Global Innovation Index


Finland is in the worlds top countries when it comes to competitiveness. Finland is #1 in competitive innovations supported by the excellent availability of scientists & engineers and a high degree of collaboration between universities & industry.

World Economic Forum
The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017: Innovation

So it is not a coincidence that Finnish software is over-engineered, innovative, honest, secure and uncompromised. Actually, this is something we should be proud of. Even brag about. But we don’t. As Finns are also humble, modest and unpretentious. We let Finnish software prove itself. We are the land of Linux, Nokia, F-Secure, Stonesoft, SSH, Rovio and Supercell.

Finnish software is an engineering masterpiece, a text book example of best practice software development. In todays world, don’t settle for second best or compromised software – insist on software from Finland!

In the beginning there were the swamp, the hoe - and Jussi.- Väinö Linna, From the book 'Under the North Star'
In Finland, where 80 percent of workers belong to unions, all employees enjoy at least 30 days paid vacation, and the gap between the rich and poor is far more equitable than in the United States. - Bernie Sanders
Digital Chocolate has 60% of its developers in Finland where the sun never sets in the summer and there is nothing to do outside in the winter, so we are very productive!- Trip Hawkins, Founder of Electronic Arts Inc.
Finland must not be allowed to disappear off the map.- Neville Chamberlain


Varpu Works Oy
Codemen Oy
Necom Oy
M-Mies Oy
Infoglove Services Oy
Tamico Oy
KJK-Tieto Oy
Mirasys Oy
Perfektio Oy
Agenteq Solutions Oy
StoneCrew Oy
Routa Innovations Oy
Poplatek Oy
XMLdation Oy
ADA Drive Oy
Kymdata Oy
Mediatoimisto Almond Oy
Methics oy
Tikon Oy
Elbit Oy
Oy Samlink Ab
Lekane Oy
Vala Group Oy
Gofore Oy
eDocker Digital Publishing Oy
Wapice Oy
Gateway Technolabs Finland Oy
Zoined Oy
Wexma Oy
Digisten Oy
Somea Oy
Oleva Ot
Agendium Oy
Granite Partners Oy
FA Solutions Oy
ICT-Factory Oy
Manycom Solutions Oy
Otaverkko Oy
TietoPiiri Oy
Jamix Oy
Congrid Oy
Rightware Oy
Vincit Oy
Q-Factory Oy
JL-Soft Oy
Finbiosoft Oy
Siili Solutions Oyj
HiQ Finland Oy
Macons Oy
Production Software
ARC Technology Oy
Sysart Oy
Profetor Oy
Rediteq Oy
intoit oy
Integral Oy
FusionLayer Oy
Sofis Design Oy
Samex Solutions Oy
ICTPro Mobile
Miradore Oy
Benemen Oy
Solinor Oy
Alekstra Finland Oy
Micro Aided Design Oy
WeatherWatch Oy
Loyalistic Ltd
Mediamaestro Oy
Padio Oy
Membook Oy
United Software Distributors Oy
Receptum Oy
Midaxo Oy
Devatus Oy
Bitville Oy
Logistone Oy
Trafore Oy
Kompozure Oy
Fluent Progress RT Oy
Speckly Oy
Fluidit Oy
Polea Oy
Aava Ohjelmistot Oy
Alvis Oy
JotBar Solutions Oy
Tocosoft Oy
PrettyBit Software Oy
Eatech Oy
DCC Data Communications Consultants Oy
Oy Raisoft Ltd
Finnish Net Solutions Oy
3T Ratkaisut Oy
Lyyti Oy
Systeemiratkaisu Oy
Rajasoft Oy
Datapartner Oy
PCP Partner Oy
Melba Digital Oy
Embelin Oy
Storage IT
Tribe Studios
Netmaa Oy
Heeros Oyj
Surveypal Oy
Codea Oy
Pandia Oy
NerdyNet Oy
Nomenal Oy
File Gallery Oy
Integround Oy
Isolta Oy
Nepton Oy
Siperia Systems Oy
Masters Brainwork Oy
ImproveIt Oy
Avarko Oy
Webropol Oy
Maatalouden Laskentakeskus Oy
Klopal Oy
Wector Systems Oy
Agience Oy Ltd
Efecte Finland Oy
Ramentor Oy
Nummelin Consulting Oy
Uranus Oy
Lime Green Software Oy
Spinet Oy
Varauspalvelu FI Oy
Tabella Finland Oy
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Lease Deal IT Oy
Movila Oy
Contastic Oy
RELEX Solutions
Efima Oy
Fiare Oy
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Abako Oy
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Mikrolinna Oy
Medictes Oy
Innofactor Oyj
Syncron Tech Oy
MV Software Oy
Tietoaika Oy
Expak Systems Oy
ProCountor International Oy
ContractZen Ltd
eTasku Solutions Oy
Taito United
Simosol Oy
SoftRain Blobs Oy
Pro Botnia Oy
Finnpos Systems Oy
Probis Solutions Oy
Aitio Finland Ltd.
NCrypted Technologies Oy
Codento Oy
Datpro Oy
Vilkas Group Oy
Crafthouse Oy
Deveo Oy
SC5 Online Oy
LogiNets Oy
D-Fence Oy
Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.
A&A Consulting Oy
Zebit Business Solutions Oy
Pehutec Oy
7scales Oy
Manu Online Oy
Spatineo Oy
Data Prisma Oy
Sympa Oy
Lunni Oy
Artio Oy
Eficode Oy
Kwork Innovaatiot Oy
Movenium Oy
Cubescom Oy
Likeit Consulting Oy
Stompwell Oy
Unicom Consulting Oy
Flashnode Oy
Gapps Oy
Optenni Oy
Visma Software Oy
Fastroi Oy
Deveteam Oy
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EverTech Oy
M-Files Oy
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Nomis Oy
Conmio Oy
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Pilvi Cloud Company
Savonia Solutions Oy
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Valu Digital Oy
Sujuwa Oy
Sininen Meteoriitti Oy
Innotect Oy
Cheerlead Marketing Oy
Wingmen Oy
Buildercom Oy
ite wiki oy
F-Secure Oyj
Codecontrol Oy
Intrinsic Oy
Mekiwi Oy
San Francisco Oy
Tehden Oy
MunJob Oy
Path4More Oy
Crementum Oy
Adensy Oy
HiQ Finland Oy
Nemesys Ltd Oy
Futurice Oy
Boudin Oy


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